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The visit – behind the scenes

In 2018, I was offered by NOC to take part on the photographers’ workshop within the Scénická žatva theater festival in Martin, a small Slovak town. The highlight of the festival was the play The Visit performed by the theater group DS Hugo, which I really liked very much. However, as I was a bit busy with shooting the pictures, I just could not quite concentrate on the theater play itself over there in Martin.

But, what a lucky guy I was! Two months later, I was rather happy to find out, the DS Hugo is going to perform the same play again in Bratislava, my hometown. So I decided to visit The Visit once again. Somehow, there was this strange idea, somewhere deep in my mind, maybe I should take the camera with me as well, one never knows… And another idea was to appear at the place half an hour before the start of the play. It was worth it! As there was nobody else with the camera nearby, I modestly asked the checking personnel to let me in as a photographer… And – I was in!

The DS Hugo is a crowd of very cool people, enjoying their theater work a lot. They had fun being photographed although the preparation time for the play was quickly running out. They even turned on the smoke machine for a short moment and posed me for a couple of the “Shiva” pictures. I think, their joy and contentment is clearly to be seen on every picture. So have fun looking at them!

On the stage, there was a lot going on. To find out more, see The Visit page: